Week 19 Recap

Game Summary: Kemptville 73’s vs Cornwall Colts

Date: Friday February 9th, 2024

Location: North Grenville Municipal Centre

Final Score: Kemptville 73’s 6, Cornwall Colts 3

In an intense matchup at the North Grenville Municipal Centre, the Kemptville 73’s showcased their prowess against the Cornwall Colts, clinching a well-deserved 6-4 victory in front of their home crowd on Friday, February 9, 2024.

Right from the first drop of the puck, Kemptville set the tempo with an early goal from Bennett just 4 minutes and 12 seconds into the game. Cornwall quickly responded with Fraser finding the back of the net at 5:19, showing their determination to keep pace. However, Kemptville reclaimed the lead with Melvin’s power-play goal at 10:47, demonstrating their proficiency with the extra skater. The first period ended with Kemptville leading 3-1, after Wandall’s goal at 15:11 added to their momentum.

The second period witnessed Kemptville extending their lead further as O’Doherty capitalized on an opportunity just 1:22 into the frame. Cornwall fought back with Garnier’s goal at 7:58, but Kemptville remained relentless, with Bennett netting his second of the night at 10:50. Despite Cornwall’s efforts, Kemptville maintained their control, leading 5-2 at the end of the second period.

As the final period commenced, Cornwall aimed to stage a comeback, with Beliveau’s goal just 50 seconds into the period reigniting their hopes. However, Kemptville’s resilience prevailed once again, as Melvin secured his second goal of the game on the power play at 16:51, thwarting Cornwall’s momentum. Cornwall managed to add one more goal with Cameron scoring at 19:16, but it was too late to alter the outcome.

Throughout the game, penalties played a significant role, with both teams engaging in physical play. Despite facing penalties, Kemptville’s discipline and strategic power-play opportunities proved decisive, converting 2 out of 5 chances compared to Cornwall’s 0 for 1.

In the end, Kemptville’s cohesive teamwork and ability to capitalize on opportunities earned them a well-deserved 6-4 victory over the Cornwall Colts. Goalie Easter’s solid performance, with 25 saves out of 29 shots, anchored Kemptville’s defense, securing another crucial win for the 73’s.


Game Summary: Kemptville 73’s @ Renfrew Wolves

Date: Saturday February 10th. 2024

Location: Ma-Te-Way Center

Final Score: Kemptville 73’s 6, Renfrew Wolves 5

In an exhilarating matchup at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Center, the Kemptville 73’s showcased their resilience and determination, clinching a thrilling 6-5 victory over the Renfrew Wolves in a game that left fans on the edge of their seats until the final buzzer.

From the onset, Kemptville set the tempo with an early goal by McDougall, igniting the team’s offensive prowess and setting the tone for an intense battle. Despite facing some early penalties, including a boarding call against Holmes, the 73’s maintained their composure and capitalized on power play opportunities to gain momentum.

The second period witnessed a flurry of action as both teams traded goals, showcasing their offensive firepower. Renfrew’s VomScheidt struck first with a short-handed goal, but Kemptville responded swiftly with Rutley’s power play goal, demonstrating their efficiency with the man advantage. The back-and-forth nature of the period saw contributions from key players on both sides, with Logue and Montoni finding the back of the net for Kemptville, while Enright, Fellinger, and Smith ensured Renfrew stayed within striking distance.

As the game progressed into the final period, Kemptville’s determination became palpable as they seized control of the game. Rutley’s second goal of the night early in the third period provided a crucial boost, tying the game. Despite Renfrew’s efforts to mount a comeback, Kemptville’s disciplined play and precision on the power play, highlighted by Melvin’s crucial goal, proved to be the go ahead goal.

As the final buzzer sounded, Kemptville celebrated a well-deserved win, leaving their fans elated and eager for more thrilling matchups in the games to come.

photo: www.mikemartinphotography.ca